We are active long-term investors with an entrepreneurial spirit

By leveraging our expertise and network we generate stable and attractive long-term returns.

We have an ultra-long investment horizon which enables us to take a different approach

Kokkuhoideur OÜ is a Tallinn-based private investment company managing a diversified multi-asset portfolio.


We are active investors in private equity, listed equities, and venture capital.


We invest in assets with an attractive long-term return potential. We furthermore seek to improve our performance with active tactical allocation changes and short-term trades.

In addition to financial assets, Kokkuhoideur is an active investor in renewable energy and infrastructure projects in Estonia.

We focus on identifying high-return asset classes that show little correlation with overall equity markets.

We keep a high ethical standard in all of our undertakings and expect the same from our partners.


We are dedicated professionals and act accordingly.

Our values

While we evaluate investments on a case-by-case basis, we don’t invest in sectors that conflict with out principles.


We currently do not invest in traditional energy generation, fertilizer or cement production, tobacco, nor fast fashion.

Kokkuhoideur OÜ is a member of the Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EstVCA) and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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